Global Information Centre first opened its doors to the public in 1996.We were the first Internet Bureau in Eastbourne and a new category to trade had to be created by the council.
We soon became a much needed resource centre for the local community of all ages and all walks of life and visitors to Eastbourne and surrounding area.
In February 2001 we became one of the first 1000 UK Online Centres in England because of our work with the local people and later that year we won the BT Community Award 
As time went by it became more and more apparent that some learners wanted more than introductory courses and so we became an approved OCR Centre, and an accredited ECDL Test Centre. People can use our facilities for Learn direct courses online.
This year we realised that it was time to find new premises and on 2nd April we relocated.
The Centre is situated 2 minutes from Eastbourne Railway Station.
Going by the comments we've heard since the opening the new location is much more comfortable and suitable for learners and for us tutors too as we don't have the interruptions of the cyber café.
We now intend to continue our good work with the local community and everyone, regardless of their learning ability or ICT learning requirements, is welcome at Global Information Centre.

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